Agricultural farm Ostrowąs

Agricultural farm Ostrowąs is located south-west of Połczyn Zdrój (zachodniopomorskie province – Western Province). In the past it was operating as an experimental farm of a “BIOTEK” sp.z o.o. company from Puławy. For many years the companies have been experimenting on plants of species Sida hermaphrodita Rusby to use it in power industry (energy), paper industry, pulp, and agglomerated panels (wood based panels) production.

We are also researching cultivation methods, including herbicided experiments. The largest plantations of Virginia fanpetals (synonyme of Sida hermaphrodita Rusby) in Poland have been sown with seed material from our farm. One of example of industrial use plantations, which was set up under our full supervision, is the plantation of Mr. Ziemowit Walczak. Virginia fanpetals, offered by our farm, provides an exellent alternative and oportunity for farmers and companies, who want to abandon traditional agriculture and start to produce energy of the future.

Ostrowąs farm mission:

  • reliable information and assistance for future clients in establishing plantations,
  • high quality seed materials Sida,
  • full satisfaction of our customers.


Our range of services consist of the seeds of Sida and the selected seedlings and cutlings.

There are only high quality seeds and planting material.

We offer advantageous conditions of purchase and delivery. We invite you to contact us. Each query would be considered individually.

Check the current price offer! We guarantee full support during establishing the plantation, as well as assistance in the years of cooperation.